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The third production base, run by Fujian Ming Jin Household Technology Limited, We are committed to developing a manufacturing research base to enhance environmental protection and low-carbon energy-saving approaches. With our new ability to develop composite materials for even more functional and intelligent furniture, the new base will make good use of MES to enable an automated and digital production system. Keeping the China Manufacturing 2025 and German Industry 4.0 strategies in mind, the base will make full use of internet technologies to foster more efficient communication and workflows along the entire production chain. This will allow us to develop and promote more diversified and modern furniture as we lead the transformation of the furniture industry and provide excellent products to the world.

· Value


Observe integrity, devoted to offer the best service, quality product and delivery in shortest time.


Innovative excellence, continuous in upgrading both hardware and software facilities.


Win-win approach , strictly obey laws and regulations and the law of market economy, devoted to achieve win-win cooperation with our customer, suppliers and employees.

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